Just Saying

I want to look at print the next time I check my blog. Print all across the screen and not just down the left side. Have I any ideas? No. Well, yes. But not blog paragraph ideas. I’m full of ideas about bread recipes, certified kitchens, children singing and dancing for an audience. I’m thinking about how my boys interact, how they switch roles through out the week, between silly, serious, frustrated, relaxed, cooperative, attentive, whiny, happy. Always loving, close to a smile even when grumpy. I’m thinking about David, loving, supportive, funny, how we laugh so easily together. I’m thinking about being a grown up, living my vision, working hard to do my best for the first time in my life. I’m thinking, but not in letters spread out for a reader. But the screen was blank for weeks…so, hello :).

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  1. Yuling says:

    you know the best thing about ideas about life is that you don’t just think or write about them–you’re living and acting on them!
    Just want to let you know that I enjoyed the show A LOT today and I guess to you and Helen it feels great to see one of your dreams come true! And I believe there will be more!
    Thanks for bringing kids’ singing , dancing, smiling, and their unique character and potential to the stage! It nurtures the kids and touches adults.

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