10/06/07 Birthday Poem

A Poem for Matthew from Devyn and Mommy 10/06/07
I like that you’re my brother.
I like that you’re my son.
Violets are blue
Flowers are red
How I love to see you
bouncing on your bed
Violets are blue
Flowers are green
Smiles are happy
As happy as can be
I love you Matthew
I think you’re very neat
and you’re very sweet
When you’re not clobbering me in the head
And Matthew I love you more than the Universe
So if you fall down, like you always do, I’ll pick you up
and put you on the couch and the rest of the poem is by mom
Here you are darling. A big boy now.
Four years working every single day
How to share your brilliant smile, keep your head up high
Tell Devyn with a meaningful squeal. “Hey brother, that toy is mine!”
Crawl along the RV floor then…uh oh…right up the wall!
Chase and fly with Devyn over our Mississippi couch
Teeth steadily emerging without a single hint of fuss
running with cousins, falling in love with Maya…
In Texas now, finally together…able to spend so much time just being…mostly silly, night walks with Daddy, sometimes asleep in his arms.
Tomorrow? Next year?
The alphabet, memorized prayers, learning checkers, seeing the country from our very own truck, running the family business together. We’ll find all the best rest area playgrounds, health food stores and museums…only God knows this part really. I simply pray we remember to invite Baha’u’llah to guide us in His will every day.

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